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At B's we appreciate your wedding day is one of - if not the most - important days of your life. Not only do we take an immense amount of care and attention in your designs, we're available around the clock to answer queries or concerns you may have about the goods you order for your special day.


Below, please find our step-by-step guide on the info we need for designing your dream wedding cake.

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Step 1 - Order date

Please tell us what date your big day is and what venue we need to deliver and set up your wedding cake/bakes to.


Step 2 - Cake size

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Please choose from the listed sizes, any more queries regarding this, please contact us.

Tiered wedding cakes cannot be collected as we deliver them in pieces and assemble them at your venue. Single tier cakes and other bakes may be collected.

Delivery is billed at 50p per mile return from Pudsey, Leeds. Set up fees start at £40.

Single tiered cakes
6-inch | £65 | Feeds approx 25

6-inch tall | £75 | Feeds approx 30 

8-inch | £80 | Feeds approx 35
8-inch tall | £90 | Feeds approx 40

10-inch | £95 | Feeds approx 45
10-inch tall | £110 | feeds approx 50

2 layer 8-inch heart cake - £75 | Feeds approx 25
3 layer 8-inch heart cake - £90 | Feeds approx 35

2 tier cakes
6-inch & 8-
inch | £195 | Feeds approx 60

8-inch & 10-inch | £225 | Feeds approx 80

3 tier cakes
4-inch, 6-inch & 8-inch | £275 | Feeds approx 75

6-inch, 8-inch & 10-inch | £310 | Feeds approx 105

4 tier cakes
4-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch & 10-inch | £410 | Feeds approx 150

6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch | £490 | Feeds approx 230

Step 3 - Flavours & fillings

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Arguably, the most important section!

Choose what cake flavour you would like and if applicable, what filling you would like per tier. (eg. 3 tiers? 3 sets of flavours and fillings).

Don't see your favourite on the list? Don't worry! Ask us about it and we will see what we can do!

Ask us in your enquiry about flavour tasters!

Top tip: remember it's YOUR wedding day! If there's a flavour combo you love that your guests might not, get it anyway! Your day, your dolla, your cake!

Sponge Flavours
Chocolate Orange
Red Velvet (+£6)
Chocolate & Vanilla Marble (+£4)

Filling flavours
Strawberry Jam
Chocolate Sauce
Lemon Curd
Biscoff Sauce
Kinder Sauce (CONTAINS NUTS)

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Step 4 - Design

This is where you can get creative!


Use pictures from our page, or the internet as reference photos for your designs or tell us an idea completely from scratch!


Extras such as name toppers, dried flowers, chocolate balls will be an additional charge.

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Get in Touch

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Any questions about this information? We're more than happy to help!

If you'd prefer to message us, feel free to direct message us on Facebook or Instagram, alternatively, we can chat via email.

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